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I have been inspired by innovative organisations and start-ups who are successful just because they strive for more than profit. Enterprising people who built their businesses in a passionate and consistent manner. Organisations who prove to be successful, not just for their own good but to all those involved.

My interest and research in these renewing organisations have given me insights and knowledge that I want to share. Good news is we all have the key to success and living a valuable life.

On a global basis we become more and more conscious that our current way of thinking, acting and doing business is no longer tenable. Mainly because we’re exhausting the earth and producing too much waste. Besides this, technological developments have changed us as human beings; new generations enter the labour market and we are all free to consume there where it ‘feels’ good. We live in a period of transition where we are being challenged to go beyond our traditional way of acting and thinking. Many people and organisations are aware and eager to move forward. But, how to go about it?

Do you feel, as a team or organisation, that you are stuck in the current setting and surroundings your in? Do you experience or see the change that is happening and do you want to move forward but wonder how? Or are you already taking steps and on your way but would you like other parties to move forward with you?

It is my mission to help people and organisations recognise and make use of their chances of growth. Oddly enough these chances are hidden in situations and phases where we experience change or resilience. With great enthusiasm and joy I will be the driving force that creates the perfect setting or that provides the necessary tools to create the desired movement.

Are you interested in learning more about the transition I speak about? Doughnut Economics of Kate Raworth describes this best, from an economic viewpoint:

” The art lies in translating our hearts desire and the talent we have to our disposal, to what we do in daily live.”  my personal quote.


At your service

Workshops, facilitator and dialogue

“During the dialogue I have experienced Petra as a good listener, swift analist and smart facilitator, all rapid, on the spot and with a charming smile.” Sabine Lutz

Dialogue is an approachable way of conversation that is exceptionally of good use when dealing with a varied group of people wanting to talk about a shared interest. Its method ensures that every participant is being heard, which in turn is the foundation for gaining fresh insights. Making use of dialogue will help people intrinsically connect to the challenge that is focused on and will create engagement and movement.

For who?

For all entrepreneurs and organisations who are looking for action and progress. Participants can be customers, employees or suppliers. There is no limit to possibilities and themes.


Every participant leaves the workshop with new viewpoints, positive energy and inspiration. People are intrinsically driven to get into action for the greater good (the theme or challenge that is presented and focused on).

Want more information about dialogue and its possibilities?


In need of an extra set of hands (and/or brains)?

Is your company temporarily in need of an extra set of hands and a fresh look on things? With over more than 10 years of experience as a manager in IT (whilst being quite unaware of IT itself) I am used to take the lead in rapid changing environments.

For who?

For all organisations that aspire to more than just profit.

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Talks, blogs and interviews

In need of inspiration, new viewpoints or practical tools to get into action?

Do you have a slight suspicion that the way you are expected to think, act and work is actually NOT the way you want it to be or how it is supposed to be?

Stop worrying and stressing, start listening to your voice within and get inspired.

We all can use some help in doing that.

Read books, check my tips and blogs (hope to translate soon, sorry about that) about innovative organisations and people. Listen to talks.

I am happy and experienced to share my stories and insights to a public. I aim to inspire, bring back personal memories about ‘what’s making you tick’, give practical tools and on the spot exercises to get into action. Since I saw people being left in the dark after visiting talks because it was too abstract or merely a perfect story so far from one’s personal reality it left them in a state of depression rather than inspiration, my goal has been to deliver a new sound.

For who?

For everyone who wants to be better, do better, feel better and even look better. For everyone who is looking for new sounds and real life stories that are practical and help you move forward in living your life the way you want it. You will know which step to take in order to start shifting your life to your real purpose before I shut up and say thanks.

Want to organize a talk or in need of practical inspiration?


PS Connect regularly takes time to visit and interview bad-ass innovative organisations who, in all sorts of ways, prioritize value over profit and are successful because of it. My goal is to show conventional entrepreneurs and organisations that there are numerous possibilities to which they can move forward with, identify with and make a difference with.

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